Contained in each one
Taste the flavors of the season

In Kaiseki cuisine, hospitality plays an extremely important role. Aside from the use of seasonal ingredients and methods to bring out their flavors, you also have to pay attention to the serving plates. It is all about the hospitality to our guests.

Here at Yasukiya, we value even the slightest change in the seasons and make sure to have both our day and night Kaiseki menus matched with such changes every month. We will welcome you with flavors you can count on every time, and present you with creative dishes that will surprise you in tons of ways.

Monthly night menu

Sushi Kaiseki

Sushi Kaiseki

Starter, simmered bowl, sashimi, small appetizers, premium sushi, soup, dessert


We will head to the Kizu Wholesale Market to source the best seafood from our go-to fish monger every single day. Even if its the same fish, being early or just in season will change the taste and its fattiness. Please fully enjoy the flavors available only at that particular season.


Starter, simmered bowl, sashimi, small appetizers, grilled food, stewed food ・fried food・meals・dessert


A lavish platter served with 5 to 6 types of sashimi. The sashimi are extremely fresh and sourced every morning from the Kizu Wholesale Market. The small appetizers feature more than 10 types of dishes that are all prepared meticulously. Ingredients not traditionally used in Japanese cuisine are used in the dishes, so all of them have varied and entertaining flavors.


Monthly lunch menu

Lunch Kaiseki

Lunch Kaiseki

Starter, simmered bowl, sashimi, grilled small appetizers , combination, rice, pickles, dessert

5,000yen / (with fried food)6,000yen

Our Kaiseki menus during the day also changes every month. It is a filling multi-course meal with plenty of options, even compared to the night course in terms of the ingredients and serving portions. Please try this course when dining with family, at a gathering of mothers, or for meals during religious and ceremonial events.

Lunch sushi kaiseki

appetizers, bowls, premium nigiri sushi, desserts


Just like at night, you can enjoy premium Kaiseki sushi during the day that are prepared using the best catch of the day and season. The appetizer, which is a combination of the starter and the small appetizers are also lavish and perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy sushi and meal at the same time.

Lunch sushi kaiseki
Fuchidaka bento(weekdays only)

Fuchidaka bento(weekdays only)

Starter, sashimi, Fuchidaka bento, rice, pickles , dessert/p>


An affordable lunch menu at a reasonable price that offers a starter, sashimi, grilled dish, stewed items and tempura.

Eel and rice bowls.

eel and rice bowls, miso soup, pickles, dessert

regular 3,000yen/deluxe 4,000yen/premium deluxe 5,000yen

Our eel that has been grilled to be smoky and fluffy with our secret Yasukiya sauce is a popular staple loved by people of all ages.

Eel and rice bowls.
Children's lunch box

Children’s lunch box

Hamburg steak, fried shrimp, Japanese omelet, grilled fish, fire-grilled dish, sweet and salty grilled chicken, rice balls, etc.



We also have a rich selection of Japanese sake that pairs well with Kaiseki cuisine. Enjoy the delicious synergy between the food and sake. We will pair it with the meal being served.

Japanese sake
Junmai Daiginjo Sanroku shikomi 《 Kubota hekijyu 》【 Niigata 】
Super dry 《 jyozan 》【 Fukui 】
Junmai ginjyosyu 《 jyozan 》【 Fukui 】
《 wataribune 》【 Ibaraki 】
Special junmaisyu Super dry special junmaisyu 《Daishinsyu 》【 Nagano 】
Junmaisyu Dry 《 Ugonotsuki 》【 Hiroshima 】
Super dry 《 Sentyuhassaku 》【 Kochi 】
Special Honjozo 《 Hakkaisan》【 Niigata 】
《 Kubota senjyu 》【Niigata 】
《 Ichinoessyu 》【Niigata 】


draft beer
bottled beer《Asahi Super Dry》

Mugi 《 Okoge》【Oita】
《 Bakujyu 》【 Kumamoto 】
Mugi 《 Okoge》【 Oita 】
《Bakujyu》【 Kumamoto】
《 Tentyu》【Kagoshima】
《Genrouin》【 Kagoshima 】
Plum wine
Plum wine made with unprocessed sake from Hakkaisan【 Niigata】
Plum wine made with junmaisyu Kuroushijitate【 Wakayama 】
Ebisu Fukuume Sweet【Osaka 】

Red・White(Bottle/half bottle only)


Lemon ・Lime・ Calpis

Soft drinks

Oolong Tea
Juice (orange, apple, calpis)
Coffee *Ice cream available only in summer
Black tea *Hot only


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