Loving and Tasting the Seasons
Kaiseki (traditional Japanese multi-course meal) cuisine blended with tradition and innovation.

Japan is home to four beautiful seasons and a rich bounty of natural resources from the mountains, rivers, and seas.
Japanese food, especially Kaiseki cuisine, are nutritious and delicious dishes that have been passed down from ancient history to revitalizes the mind and body.
Here at Yasukiya, we not only offer dishes that vary every month, but we prepare them meticulously from the seasonal ingredients to the plates we use. Every aspect of the presentation and service hold a special meaning.
Please come and embrace the Kaiseki cuisine of Yasukiya,
a fusion of solid tradition and fresh new surprises.

We welcome you to enjoy our Kaiseki cuisine that not only treasure tradition, but also vibrantly illustrates the colors of the four seasons in new and exciting ways.

To offer an ever-detailed flavors of the seasons, our dishes and plating contents changes every month.

Additionally, one of the featured flavors of Yasukiya is our Sushi Kaiseki cuisine, using the seafood sourced from the Kizu Wholesale Market.
Please enjoy our authentic sushi prepared by experienced craftsmen.


Feel free to experience our fine dining services not only as a causal meal, but also cater to slightly special occasions or memorial services.

Yasukiya was founded about 70 years ago as a place providing catering service for sushi, and have since been favored by the local community.

Some might think catered food is something unique, but it means to offer authentic Kaiseki cuisine and sushi to your home.

We hope customers can feel more at ease and casual when using our services.



Supporting sincere and passionate hospitality.
We can cater to various kinds of events such as religious memorial ceremonies, etc.

We can even cater to events that require religious and ceremonial presentations to the food.
We were highly praised by the visitors for the 600 meals that we provided to them over the course of two days for the Tea-Kaiseki course that was held at Ikukunitama Shrine.

We can cater to various kinds of events by your purpose and budget, so please feel free to contact us.


We offer everything from lavish triple-deck meal boxes to single-serving meals for you to celebrate the start of the New Year on the right food with traditional Japanese flair.

We hope you would choose something made from traditional ingredients and of Japanese culture, especially at the start of the New Year.

Our Osechi (meals prepared specifically to celebrate the New Year) are full of charms and ideas that come from being a catering-based restaurant.
We begin our preparation for these dishes around Christmas time.
After we close the restaurant, all of our chefs are focusing on the preparation of each dish





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2 minutes walk west from Higashi-Tengachaya Station on the Hankai Electric Tramway Kamimachi Line